Jan 2, 2011

new topic post! [3rd-4thJan2011]

EDIT2 [4thJan2011] :

All right, seems like the tribe has spoken rather unanimously. xD

The topic for these two weeks will be "Everything I Touch Turns To Gold", and the next changeover will be on Jan 16th :) Thanks, all!


We've got a few suggestions in, and it's now voting time! Post in the comments which idea you'd most like to draw for the next two weeks, 1, 2, or 3, and I'll tally them up in approximately 24 hours (i.e. 5 Jan 2011, 3 AM EST).

1. "I've got the key!" - Gio

2. Draw our pets as whacked-out cartoon animals - Natasha

3. "Everything I touch turns to gold" -Hana
(we've got a shortage of active participants right now, so I'm putting this up with the rest, but in future: if you picked a topic the previous week you've got to skip a turn!)

Of course, if you suggested something, you can't vote for yourself, but you can opt to support someone else's idea. If there's a tie, I'll break it (not going to cast my vote until the last). By the same token, if nobody else votes, I'll pick which one (probably at random, because I love all these ideas). :P

If your idea doesn't get picked this week you can still pitch it next changeover. The more the merrier!


Okay guys, let's try out this new system! Anyone that has an idea for stuff we can draw for the next two weeks, post them in the comments :) Suggestions will close and voting will start in approximately 24 hours!


Gio Renna said...

My suggestion is "I've got the key!"

China said...

"Everything I touch turns into gold!" Nothing says awesomeness like old myths! :D (Not that I'll be drawing, but I'll be watching and enjoying what you guys come up with.)

Shap said...

gold one sounds good

Tristram said...

I vote for number 3, I can't think of an ides to do for the others

Laura M. Quintana said...

I vote 3, I got a really good idea for this one.

Ivey said...

i've got the gold

Gio Renna said...


China said...

Woops... soooorrry! I'm excited to see everyone's work!

shells ♥ said...

No worries dude -- everyone seemed to like your idea best anyway :B

Brian "Beard" said...

This is bullshit, i missed this whole thing