May 1, 2011

new topic post [may 2011]

New Topic for this month is 'Your Weirdest Dream'! Next changeover will be May 31-June 1 ;)

Okay, I know, I've been terrible too.

1. Sushi Toriyaki TV Show Art
(For the uninitiated, Sushi Toriyaki is the film we made for the film race over last weekend and involves a ridiculous fictional anime show/character of the same name. If you're willing to wait a day to view this amazing creation, Brian will probably be posting it somewhere tomorrow night after it is screened.)

2. What really killed the dinosaurs?

3. Your weirdest dream

I'm giving you guys till Sunday at midnight, since this was kind of a weird week and people have been busy anyway. VOTE PLZ ♥

A good portion of us have been hard at work over the past two days because of the 24 Hour Film Race (Mitternacht Studios - look out for us!), so the date for changeover has been pushed back a bit. Sorry for not making an announcement earlier!

Suggestions are open NOW, and will close tomorrow 2nd May at 3PM, after which voting will begin :D Shoot!


Gio Renna said...

Sushi Toriyaki Show fan art

shells ♥ said...

I've done too much of that already x( but I guess everyone will have seen the movie by the end of the week..

Tristram said...

what really killed the dinosaurs

Shap said...

Your Weirdest dream

Tiana Mone'e Scott said...

i like your weirdest dream.