Aug 18, 2011

Some Explaining To Do...

Two posts in ONE day??!? MADNESS!!!!

Pardon the low quality of the image, I don't have a scanner or a high grade camera so I'll have to rely on my iPhone for pictures for now. I'm going to look into getting a scanner and maybe a better photo camera because I would love to be able to take great photos of when I go out around the island with friends and such. Basically, this image popped into my head one day while watching "The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie" during the "What's Opera, Doc?" segment. Basically, Lola from "Space Jam" finds a picture of Bugs and Elmer and questions Bugs about it. I'm actually pretty proud of how I managed to keep with the character models. Okay, so, I admit, Looney Toons was WAY back in the day. BUT! Lola Bunny did NOT appear until "Space Jam" circa 1996. So, it applies. Sort of. Yeah.


Cat's Eyes

This is my submission for the East Asian Monsters prompt here on TWD. Yes, I know it's been a while since I or anyone else has posted but hey, new posting! Exciting no?

I had no idea what I would do since my knowledge on East Asian Mythology is somewhat limited. Thankfully one of my friends lived in Japan for a time and has a ridiculous amount of knowledge on the subject of folklore and mythology. She suggested that I do what is known as a Bakeneko and while reading up on the creature (essentially a magical cat) one of the legends in particular caught my attention:

"Another famous bake-neko story is about a man named Takasu Genbei, whose mother’s personality changed completely after his pet cat went missing for many years. His mother avoided the company of friends and family and would take her meals alone in her room. When the family peeked in on her they saw a cat-like monster in the mother's clothes, chewing on animal carcasses. Takasu, still skeptical, slew what looked like his mother and after one day his mother's body turned back into his pet cat that had been missing."

This image popped into my head after I read the description. It's still a rough draft, just like everything else I do heh, but hopefully I'll be able to clean it up. 


Jun 3, 2011

Future of this blog

(June 16th 2011) EDIT/UPDATE: OKAY so I am putting the blog as on update-hiatus. There won't be more topics for a tentative period of about four months. During this period anybody can still submit stuff for any past topics, of course, and we welcome rough sketches and works in progress too (*cough* MANNY).

In about four months or so I'll send out emails and see if we all are ready to start up again or extend the hiatus some more.

Tiana also brought up the idea of an 'inspiration bank', somewhere we can post ideas if and when we think of them, and anybody would be able to go there if they needed to pick something to draw. Not sure if I should make that a separate thing or somehow incorporate it into TWD (though I can't really think of how) - let me know if anyone has any input!

Have a fun and productive summer, mofos. ♥


Dear TWDers,

I'm not really sure what to do here. I know we've all been busy and had other things to concern ourselves with lately -- myself included -- and let me just make it clear that I don't fault anybody for that. But when it gets to the point where fewer and fewer people are contributing or even suggesting/voting on topics, I have to consider possibly putting this blog on hiatus (I don't really welcome the idea of closing it completely, and I doubt you guys do either).

I resisted this idea at first, since in my opinion I don't really think there is going to be a time when all of us are completely free given the stage of our lives we're all currently in, and thus there would really be no 'right' time to resurrect the blog. But I think the fact that the topics will keep changing every month discourages some people that feel they're too far behind. Even though I have stated before that there is NO deadline for any entries and that the topic changes are merely to keep a stream of fresh ideas (since I think waiting around for everyone to contribute before changing topics would be a really bad idea), I understand that some might still feel pressured by the monthly changeovers regardless.

TL;DR: At this point I'm just wondering if it might be best if we DID hold off on the topic changes for at least some months. It would give everyone some catch-up time, at least.


May 1, 2011

new topic post [may 2011]

New Topic for this month is 'Your Weirdest Dream'! Next changeover will be May 31-June 1 ;)

Okay, I know, I've been terrible too.

1. Sushi Toriyaki TV Show Art
(For the uninitiated, Sushi Toriyaki is the film we made for the film race over last weekend and involves a ridiculous fictional anime show/character of the same name. If you're willing to wait a day to view this amazing creation, Brian will probably be posting it somewhere tomorrow night after it is screened.)

2. What really killed the dinosaurs?

3. Your weirdest dream

I'm giving you guys till Sunday at midnight, since this was kind of a weird week and people have been busy anyway. VOTE PLZ ♥

A good portion of us have been hard at work over the past two days because of the 24 Hour Film Race (Mitternacht Studios - look out for us!), so the date for changeover has been pushed back a bit. Sorry for not making an announcement earlier!

Suggestions are open NOW, and will close tomorrow 2nd May at 3PM, after which voting will begin :D Shoot!

Apr 24, 2011

Nessie and the Gila Monster

Bleh, not 100% satisfied with how this came out, probably because I didn't have a clear idea of how I wanted to colour it, but I liked my idea and wanted to get it out :) I may do some variations on this in future with more concrete colouring ideas.

Mar 30, 2011

new topic post [30 mar - 1 april 2011]

All right! topic for April will be Monsters' Ball :) Next changeover will be April 30-May 1.

Monsters' Ball (as in fancy party, just fyi. but if you want to play on other meanings of 'ball', be my guest.)


Topics are in, now vote away ♥ Voting will end at midnight tomorrow (Friday, April 1st-2nd).

2. Live action into animation crossover. This means crossing over characters from a live action film or series and place them in a cartoon world. For example having Kickass characters crossover with Powerpuff girls, this means adapting the powerpuff style to kickass characters. And then having them interact with the powerpuff girl world in some way, like fighting mojo jojo alongside the actual powerpuff girls. I now realized this was a bad example because Kickass is based on a comic but you get the idea. -Brian

3. Hyper-realistic cartoon or video game characters -Brian


Hi folkses! Figured there was no harm in kicking this off like eight or nine hours early, so here we go! Post suggestions for a new topic in comments. Because the previous changeover was a three-way and extra long, I'm waiving the if-your-topic-got-picked-you-have-to-skip-a-turn rule this time - in other words, Ivey, Laura, and Brian will all still be able to make suggestions this time around.

Call for suggestions will close and voting will start at midnight, 1st April 2011 (i.e. Thursday night). :)

Mar 12, 2011


this was supposed to be a joke picture for this topic, but as you can probably tell it got way out of hand. I've been working on this on and off for about a month now and I got lazy about halfway through, so I'm not terribly proud of it, but I hope this amuses at least.

I'll do more things related to this theme eventually.

Feb 14, 2011

He's from the 90's, bub XD

Lol, first post for me, whutwhut. I drew this to either resell at Forbidden Planet or give to a certain voice actor *coughcoughScottMcNeilcough* I probably should have left it an ink drawing, tbh; comic book cover paper is not a fan of Copic, so it looks a little washed out and streaky. Too lazy to do a srsbsns scan, blah blah.

Feb 13, 2011

Adonis Fry

I'm pretty happy with how this came out. It's just a silly painting based off a silly accident. I had started drawing Fry in my sketchbook but wasn't liking how the picture was coming out so I erased it. I then went to a figure drawing meeting and reused the page in a study of arms. It wasn't until after I filled the page that I noticed that the faint leftover lines of Fry's head fit well in place with a couple of the arms I drew from different poses. Maybe it was my subconscious at work, but I thought the pose was funny and Fry looked really pleased with himself.

I just didn't want to tell him he has a woman's arms cleverly painted over to look a little more manly. I added all the rest to make it look like a cheesy 80's portrait.