Nov 29, 2010

first post!

Hi guys, and welcome to Tonight We Draw! (don't ask why that name... it appeared to me and after not very much deliberation I decided it was perfect. :B) We're a group of friends who enjoy drawing and draw for a living, and this blog is set up to act as a roughly bimonthly drawing exercise. Every two weeksmonth we'll pick a new topic, and post whatever sketches or drawings we come up with based on that.

Not going to bog this down with too many actual rules, but just to clarify:

  • any number of entries per person per subject is cool. this is supposed to be a fun thing, so if you've completed one drawing and have more ideas, go for it! revisiting older topics, posting works-in-progress and then updating later is also okay.

  • any form of media - illustration, animation, rough sketches, models, digital, traditional - goes, as long as it involves drawing/sculpting/building in some way. (too bad - I know some of you were looking forward to submitting entries in the form of interpretive dance)

  • we take turns to pick a topic/theme/challenge alphabetically by first name, just to have some kind of order. new system!

  • I have no issues with violence and nudity but I'd advise posting some kind of warning and linking offblog if it's really explicit, just because it's the internet, and employers and future-employers can find these things. Plus I think it'd be cool if this could act as a kind of pseudo group portfolio effort. But you be the judge of what you think is okay/not okay for public consumption.

  • not a big deal, but would appreciate it if you guys could label your posts with the topic in question just to keep stuff organized! you can title posts/drawings whatever you want.

Okay, now we've got that out of the way... as founder of this blog, I'm picking the first topic: Introductions. Come up with a picture that acts as a self-portrait as well as representative of what you find aesthetically pleasing or inspiring. I know, so art school. :B

(Tris, two mondays from now (13th Dec), it's your turn to pick a topic/challenge. :) and if you guys have anything to add/suggest/correct me on, feel free to comment.)


Shap said...

hmm sounds kewl i wanna join in too =P

shells ♥ said...

added you! :)

Christine Y. Chong said...

looks fun. :3 I will watch. ^^