Jan 30, 2011

A Mother's Tears

Hey there everyone. So, this would be my first posting on here, cheery ain't it? I've been pretty lazy about actually doing any of the topics that have been listed but I'm gonna try and actually get around to each of them soon! Life is just a bit complicated after college and all and finding my way around the world is much harder than I expected it to be, heh.
The pencil borders around the image are because I'm going to tilt the image once I get to inking and coloring it and posting the finished version over again. I just really wanted to put this up before the time for this topic ran out just so I could have something up on time for once.
For those of you wondering, she turned her newborn baby into gold. She's not crying because she can't hold him/her but because she did and because of that she'll never be able to watch her baby grow up.


shells ♥ said...

like I told you before, I love the intensity of this, and it showed through on the dinky little cameraphone pic you sent me so that's a lot of intensity. I love the baby, it looks so much like an actual baby, especially in the face. you've got some nice pencil lines going on and that is one SOLID drawing, it has weight and form and all. if you did that pose completely from your head, I'm really impressed!

can't wait to see this finished!

Laura M. Quintana said...

Yeup, pose was done completely from my noggin and the baby as well. I gotta say tho, figuring out the placement of the baby's face was a bitch to deal with. At first (the pic you saw) the face wasn't even shown but the more I looked at it the more I came to realize that that was just odd and very off placement for the baby head. Figuring out small odd perspectived features was interesting tho. I ended up just flipping the picture upside down in order to figure that out.
Babies are really kind of fun to draw tho, they're just rolls and rolls of fatness (and kidney beans! lol) All those times flipping through classical art books really did pay off tho cuz I kept remember how Leonardo painted babies and Raphael as well. Classical art is where its at!

Tristram said...

I thought nothing could be darker than my post lol. Your drawing has has some fantastic form. I can't wait to see the final version.