Jan 24, 2011

This is the sketch for the " Everything i touch is gold"

I found time to get my idea out on something Thank goodness i found some breathing time. If you can't see it, She is in the middle of a tree that is turning into gold as well as the apples on the ground. My idea was the whole golden apple thingie-ma-bob of a story, So she is the goddess of the golden apples. Don't ask me why she has headphones on. Maybe to hear the whispers from the earth like those stethoscopes doctors wear... that cold miserable plate they put on your chest(sigh i hate those things)Whateva......anyway i'm trying to catch up with all of the ideas posted on the tonight we draw Forum!!!

1 comment:

shells ♥ said...

can't wait to see this finished, ti! i love the idea and i'm sure it's going to look great after you put those mad colouring skillz of yours to good use :)