Mar 12, 2011


this was supposed to be a joke picture for this topic, but as you can probably tell it got way out of hand. I've been working on this on and off for about a month now and I got lazy about halfway through, so I'm not terribly proud of it, but I hope this amuses at least.

I'll do more things related to this theme eventually.


Ivey said...

i died laughing. great joke.

lovely picture as usual and great colors. the unicorn looks very metallic. i think i can see that this is done in paint tool sai.

shells ♥ said...

glad you like hun :) ♥

Sai doesn't like Macs, so I've actually never used it! this was done in Photoshop. I do have a copy of Corel Painter on my comp that I intend to start messing around with more with regards to digital art :)

Brian "Beard" said...

This blows my mind, I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH!