Jun 3, 2011

Future of this blog

(June 16th 2011) EDIT/UPDATE: OKAY so I am putting the blog as on update-hiatus. There won't be more topics for a tentative period of about four months. During this period anybody can still submit stuff for any past topics, of course, and we welcome rough sketches and works in progress too (*cough* MANNY).

In about four months or so I'll send out emails and see if we all are ready to start up again or extend the hiatus some more.

Tiana also brought up the idea of an 'inspiration bank', somewhere we can post ideas if and when we think of them, and anybody would be able to go there if they needed to pick something to draw. Not sure if I should make that a separate thing or somehow incorporate it into TWD (though I can't really think of how) - let me know if anyone has any input!

Have a fun and productive summer, mofos. ♥


Dear TWDers,

I'm not really sure what to do here. I know we've all been busy and had other things to concern ourselves with lately -- myself included -- and let me just make it clear that I don't fault anybody for that. But when it gets to the point where fewer and fewer people are contributing or even suggesting/voting on topics, I have to consider possibly putting this blog on hiatus (I don't really welcome the idea of closing it completely, and I doubt you guys do either).

I resisted this idea at first, since in my opinion I don't really think there is going to be a time when all of us are completely free given the stage of our lives we're all currently in, and thus there would really be no 'right' time to resurrect the blog. But I think the fact that the topics will keep changing every month discourages some people that feel they're too far behind. Even though I have stated before that there is NO deadline for any entries and that the topic changes are merely to keep a stream of fresh ideas (since I think waiting around for everyone to contribute before changing topics would be a really bad idea), I understand that some might still feel pressured by the monthly changeovers regardless.

TL;DR: At this point I'm just wondering if it might be best if we DID hold off on the topic changes for at least some months. It would give everyone some catch-up time, at least.



Brian "Beard" said...

Yeah, unfortunately you are right and there just has not been the time for it. I'm ok with holding off on topic changes for a while

Tiana Mone'e Scott said...

Yeah right now it is hard for a lot of us. I'm actually just starting to work on the weirdest dream one and will be posting sometime next week. It's gonna be cool..lol

But back on topic. Maybe holding it off for a couple of months maybe good but please never close it. I think we just have to all find time to get it together. Maybe We can make a page where we get an idea and post it there. So when the time does come we have ideas that we can look at and start from there. Or just start over. Also if someone is have an artist block we can go there and use it as some inspiration.

shells ♥ said...

That 'inspiration bank' isn't a bad idea, Ti... I'll have to think on whether it could just be connected to this blog in some way or a completely separate thing. But definitely hold that thought!

Laura M. Quintana said...

I have to say, yeah, the topic changes every month do present an unconscious need and desire to submit to a deadline that doesn't even exist. Holding off on the topics for a bit would probably be a good idea, just put up a post on what topics there have been I guess? A hiatus isnt such a bad thing.

Laura M. Quintana said...

Inspiration bank - YES

Elena Corsair said...

As long as you don't close it down. I think there is no reason to ever shut it down really. It's a great uniting factor that also keeps us all creative. But taking a break from posting new topics doesn't seem so bad. Would allow others to catch up....like myself T.T
There's so many topics, shoot ppl might even just review the topics and make another concept. Anyways, take heart Shellz. Nothing has been lost, just a difficult time of transitions for everyone. <3