Dec 12, 2010

adminpost: new subject-choice system

hey guys,

I ran this past some of you and you all seemed to think it was a good idea, so I figured I'd make a proper post about it. after Tris takes his turn this week to pick a subject, I'd like to try out a new way to choose what we draw. I think taking turns would have worked fine when there were just a handful of us but now that there's quite a number and counting, I don't think it's that practical as some people would have to wait months to choose. What I propose is as follows:

1. every two weeks month there will be one day where anyone can post an idea for a drawing topic. I'll create an entry specifically for this purpose, and people can post in the comments what they'd like to try. suggestions would only be open for 24 hours.

2. the day after that we all vote as to which topic we'd most like to try out. voting would be open for 24 hours after which the topic with the highest rating would be the one we decide on for the next two weeks.

my main concern was that this system would be overly complicated, but I think I've streamlined it as much as possible and I definitely won't mind overseeing the process to make sure it runs smoothly. topic suggestions and voting would of course only be open to TWD members, and I was also thinking that if someone's idea gets chosen, the next week that person would have to sit out suggesting ideas, just to try and give everyone a chance.

feel free to comment if you have any suggestions/concerns/questions; if nobody has any objections we'll be trying this out in two weeks (midnight, 27th Dec 2010). I'll keep the Current Theme box on the side updated with the requisite info as we go along. :)


Shap said...

i think if i go over my old flash notes i can make a voting box O.o sound good?

shells ♥ said...

that'd be awesome, if there was some way to limit voting to blog authors only. can you do that?