Jan 28, 2011

Everything My Tanuki Balls Touch Turns To Gold

Mature Content

Giant Scrotum Below

This is my submission for both Asian Monsters and Everything I touch is gold.

Am I proud of this illustration? No.

Have I been pressed for time and thus rushed this piece just to keep up cause I felt bad? Yes.

Will I make up for this in my next submission? Hope so.


Tristram said...

Wow, that warning message is not nearly big enough. I just sent a link to this blog to my family. You are killing me Brian, you are killing me. I like the bull horns the tanuki is doing though.

Tristram said...

And you just HAD to push my picture down the page a little more didn't you? DIDN'T YOU??

shells ♥ said...

combining topics, though, i like that! the tanuki's face is awesome.

you shouldn't have felt the need to rush it, though, we all know you're busy with stuff, bud. best to take your time and make it something you're actually proud of, right? anyway if you do want to in future you can always submit stuff for both these topics if you feel you have more time and better ideas. :D

Brian "Beard" said...

Well, I started this telling myself I will do this within the next hour and make it awesome and its going to be great! And it did not come out awesome lol. Yeah I will definitely take my time in the future :)