Jan 30, 2011

Touch of Gold

It's still A work in progress. Haven't had time to do anything at all. Recent family news has taken alot away from me, emotionally and physically.
The Story-
This princess of gold walks through the forest turning stuff into gold for the travelers lost at night, The light from the stars and the moon bounces off the gold to guide them out to where they want to go. (apples and pine cones ect. acts like lanterns ...whateva..) She Plugs her headphones into the earth to hear the cries for help within the forest and to help her forest family with anything they need.

Side note.... She should of been barefoot. Nakedness may represent her oneness with the forest, as for everything in the forest is bare also. Or she likes to be naked. Who knows....(p.s. i didn't want to design any clothes. I simply couldn't think of any)

Can't wait to finish...my digital painting skills suck....I can do anything traditionally but digitally...hmmm...every challenge on this site will be dedicated to getting better at digital painting. I made up my mind........

now scurrying to do intro post and east asian post

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shells ♥ said...

I'm sorry to hear about your family drama, Ti. D: I hope it all works out okay. Kudos to you for managing to find time to do art in spite of that though, I'm in awe.

I love the pose, I think it's really well done, especially the foreshortening on her feet. I like how you did the textures on the tree bark. Don't beat yourself up too much about the painting - you had stuff going on with you on top of you not being that comfortable with digi-painting. I actually think you're in a better position to cover both digi. and trad. than somebody that's experienced with digital painting but has never touched real media before, because I think trad. media skills and techniques, especially with color usage, are more applicable to digital painting than the other way around. Let me know if you want any photoshop advice; I'm still in the process of mastering both but I've learned a lot about photoshop painting in the past few years for sure.

and pssh - maybe she just likes heels. ;D