Feb 13, 2011

Adonis Fry

I'm pretty happy with how this came out. It's just a silly painting based off a silly accident. I had started drawing Fry in my sketchbook but wasn't liking how the picture was coming out so I erased it. I then went to a figure drawing meeting and reused the page in a study of arms. It wasn't until after I filled the page that I noticed that the faint leftover lines of Fry's head fit well in place with a couple of the arms I drew from different poses. Maybe it was my subconscious at work, but I thought the pose was funny and Fry looked really pleased with himself.

I just didn't want to tell him he has a woman's arms cleverly painted over to look a little more manly. I added all the rest to make it look like a cheesy 80's portrait.


Anonymous said...

He's so dreamy! I love it!

shells ♥ said...

ahahahah I'm so glad you coloured this. It came out so well! Love the shading, especially on his hands and whatever it is he's sitting on.