Aug 18, 2011

Some Explaining To Do...

Two posts in ONE day??!? MADNESS!!!!

Pardon the low quality of the image, I don't have a scanner or a high grade camera so I'll have to rely on my iPhone for pictures for now. I'm going to look into getting a scanner and maybe a better photo camera because I would love to be able to take great photos of when I go out around the island with friends and such. Basically, this image popped into my head one day while watching "The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie" during the "What's Opera, Doc?" segment. Basically, Lola from "Space Jam" finds a picture of Bugs and Elmer and questions Bugs about it. I'm actually pretty proud of how I managed to keep with the character models. Okay, so, I admit, Looney Toons was WAY back in the day. BUT! Lola Bunny did NOT appear until "Space Jam" circa 1996. So, it applies. Sort of. Yeah.


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